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A business account that’s built for the masters. Enjoy more flexibility, bigger cashback returns, and higher spending limits.

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Automatic tax payments in Lance banking app

Free tax auto-payment

Save the headache. Lance Pro makes tax payments simple by withholding them from every paycheck, and paying them to the IRS every single quarter* — straight from your taxes stack.

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* We can’t pay taxes on for corporations at the moment.

Get higher, unlimited cashback with Lance pro

Even more cashback

Bigger bang for your buck. Get up to 1.5% cashback on every single purchase, no questions asked.

Charts with higher spending limits for Lance pro users

Higher spending limits

With card limits of $5,000/day and ACH transfer limits of $5,000/day and $25,000/month, you have the freedom to raise the bar on your business spending.

Creating more stacks on Lance Pro

Create more stacks

With Lance Pro, you can create up to 9 new goal stacks. Decide how much you want to save — whether it’s for a marketing budget or a vacation. And keep an eye out for our next Pro-exclusive stacks.

Savings stack
Salary stack
Taxes stack
Goal stack
Soon - Payoff stack
Soon - Crypto stack
automated salary payments in Lance banking app

Automated salary payment

Pay yourself first. Schedule a bi-weekly
personal salary transfer, and never worry
about overspending again.

Export Schedule C report

Export your Schedule C

Lance auto-generates and
pre-populates your Schedule C.
Less paperwork, more happiness.

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