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Business banking for the new work era.

Get state-of-the-art banking for freelancers & independents with automated budgeting tools, smart tax withholding & payment, $0 fees or minimums.

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Your business finances, sorted.

It’s the most powerful hands-free budgeting system yet. Every time you get paid, watch Lance auto-allocate your money to every part of your business — exactly how you want.

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Zero-friction payments

Lance Checkout is the slickest way for clients to pay you via credit card. Just create your beautiful, branded payment request — and share the unique link with your client.

Apply in 4 minutes

Apply in 4 Minutes

No minimun deposits

No minimum deposit

No fees

No hidden fees

FDIC Insured

FDIC insured & secured

Human Support

Human support

Financial insights in lance banking app

Track your growth

Get a detailed, month-by-month map of your growth. Lance’s business insights offer a birds-eye-view of your entire cashflow history — including income, profits, expenses, and more.

Business debit card with unlimited 1.% cashback and automatic tax deductions

A card that
pays you back

Get a powerful card that not only tracks and categorizes your expenses, but gives you up to 1.5% unlimited cashback.

More cutting-edge features

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Automated budgeting and salary transfer icon

Auto-salary transfer

Set the salary you want to pay yourself — and Lance will transfer it automatically every 2 weeks.

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Pre-filled Schedule C

Get a pre-populated Schedule C form for Tax Day. Every expense will be listed and categorized.

Automatic tax payment icon

Taxes on auto-pay

Lance will automatically calculate, withhold and pay your quarterly taxes directly to the IRS.

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Unlimited transfers

Zero limits on the number of payments, deposits or transfers in your Lance account. The way it should be.

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Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •
Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •
Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •
Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •
Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •
Part Banking Account - Part ROBO-CFO •

Lance is for









Digital Marketers

Art Directors


many more...

Everything you get

FDIC-insured banking account
Unlimited payments, deposits & transfers
Instantly active virtual debit card
Free ATM deposits & withdrawals
World-class support
ACH limits: $2,500 / day | $10,000 / month
ACH limits: $5,000 / day | $25,000 / month
Card spending Limits: $2,500 / day
Card spending Limits: $5,000 / day
Up-to 1% cashback on every purchase
Up-to 1.5% cashback on every purchase
Lance Checkout - a personally branded checkout page
Deposit checks
Unlimited accounting reports
Digital receipt capture
Auto-tracking expenses
Manual salary transfers
Automatic salary transfers
Pre-filled Schedule C
Dynamic tax calculation
Automatic tax withholding
Free tax quarterly payments to IRS
Lance pro example

Go bigger
‍with Lance Pro

Higher ACH limits, bigger card spending limits, extra cashback rewards, and more control over all parts of your business.

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Meet the Lance community

We’ve created a space for freelancers to feel less alone on the business journey. Pop into a masterclass or AMA, share ideas, make friends, and find new ways to reach your creative potential.

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